“Reviews Jingle” is a source that desires to help people with accurate information. Our end goal is to help you make purchase decisions the right way. We are here to save your money and time.

Rabius Sany took the initiative to found the Review Jingle to help millions of consumers by offering in-depth product research and information. We enjoy conducting research, uncovering facts, and sharing our findings.


We enjoy giving you the skills to confidently get great products and services at great prices while avoiding scams and budget pitfalls through our advocacy, guidance, and expert knowledge. Finally, we want to make your shopping, spending, and saving experiences more enjoyable and cost-effective.


When you think of buying the best products, there are hundreds of websites that provide product reviews. It makes it difficult to know where to go and which to trust. It’s fantastic that so many websites review products, and when all of these reviews are added together, the best products will rise to the top. We guarantee that we will put our investigative expertise to good use so that you can save your money.


When a reader buys a product we recommend because of our research, analysis, interviews, and testing, our work is often (but not always) sponsored by an affiliate commission from the store. There’s no reason for us to choose lesser items or succumb to manufacturer pressure—quite the contrary.


If a reader returns a product and reports to us, we immediately talk to the manufacturer or service provider. We either try our best to have a solution for our readers. In that case, we do not receive an affiliate commission. We believe this is a fairly equitable method that motivates us to put our readers first. Of course, our authors and editors are never informed of or affected by the companies with which our business team has affiliate agreements.



The most crucial factor for us is reader trust. Readers would not support our work if we recommended something based on bias or laziness. We also encourage readers to fact-check our articles, which detail the time, reasoning, and effort we put into conducting research. As a result, you can decide for yourself.


Our product geeks not only write their product reviews, but they also compile reviews from all of the top websites online. Then we calculate a score based on our reviews as well as ratings and recommendations from other reputable sources. The Review Score, a scale of one to ten, is the final result.


Leading and trusted sites receive more weight in our score, but we also consider small blogs and niche sites that specialize in a particular topic. We use ratings from actual customers in addition to website expert reviews and our hands-on testing. These ratings are also taken into account when calculating the final score.

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