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17 Best Free CDN Services For WordPress + Paid Alternatives 2022 [Reviewed]

CDN Choices
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The best free CDN service for WordPress website. Business plan is very expensive.
A good option with outstanding customer support.
Best for paid customers. Very limited with Free plan.
Good for self-hosted WP beginners who lack skills and time to invest.
A viable choice with decent performance. Free forever plan available.
Provides advanced security features in all plans.
One of the best CDNs for rich media (image & Video) management.
A great CDN service from a well-known company
Fast and reliable CDN backed by Google
Great choice if you choose to use with other Azure services.
Affordable and reliable CDN services with exceptional security features.
Good for protecting and recovering a hacked website
Best video hosting CDN ever, perfect for brands
Expensive CDN that provides 100% uptime guarantee with decent features
One of the best CDNs considering all the factors , very convenient for higher traffic websites.
Best free CDN services for wordpress
What are the best free CDN services for WordPress site?
Are they really reliable?
What are the paid alternatives?

It’s no surprise that CDN services thrive in today’s world when the average Internet speed in technologically advanced nations surpasses 10 Mbps. And, to make things even faster, owing to services like Google Fiber, Cox Gigablast, and Centurylink Gigabit, some lucky readers can get speeds of up to 1 Gbps – that’s one gigabit per second. As a result of this competition for quicker bits, our attention span is dwindling, and our patience is becoming erratic.

The time it takes for your page to load has a significant impact on the user experience of your website visitors. It might also be one of the key contributors to your visitors abandoning your page. That’s why so many people use a free CDN to speed up the loading of their pages.

According to one study, 40% of users abandon a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. Worse, 79 percent of online buyers said they will not return to a website if it performs poorly.

Without a doubt, increasing the speed of your website is vital to your online business’s success. This is where a free WordPress content delivery network could have a big impact.

In this article, I will first explain what CDN is and why you need it. Then I will describe the best free CDN services that you can use in several sections and many more. So let’s dive into this!

Table of Contents

About CDN System

What is a CDN?

A ‘content delivery network’ or ‘content distribution network’ is a globally distributed network of mega proxy servers that host static material and send a cached copy of the static files to users based on their geographic location. You can use a CDN as an integrated service for your website.

The photos, PDFs, videos, static libraries like JavaScript and CSS files, and all of the other heavy content that makes up your site are supplied through a global CDN (rather than your webserver).

So, in short, a CDN system is a combination of the following three points: –

Why do you need a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for your website?

The purpose of this network is to make your site load as quickly as possible. It sends all the static files to users with the lowest possible latency from a considerably closer place (geographically and physically) than your web server, resulting in a substantially shorter delivery time.

To learn more about how a CDN works in practice, watch this 1-minute video:

Waiting for a website is something that most people dislike. According to CachePoint’s excellent essay – The Very Real Performance Impact on Revenue, the effect is significant in online shopping websites, where a one-second delay in loading time resulted in a revenue loss of $6,000,000 USD (that’s right, $6 million). The Incapsula CDN guide is a great place to start if you want to learn more about CDNs.

You may also look at this handy infographic from GTmetrix to learn more about how a CDN (or a free CDN) works:

Best free WordPress CDN

In essence, a Content Distribution Network (CDN) is a network of several servers located in various global places. The CDN caches all of your site’s static content and files and distributes them to visitors based on their geographic location via the server nearest to them.

The picture below demonstrates how a global CDN works and how it can improve your domain’s page load time.

CDN Infographic

Unlike your hosting provider, which provides your resources from a single location (the origin server in the diagram), the service replicates all of your WordPress site’s static resources to its network of high-speed servers. A global CDN will have several servers scattered throughout several data centers in or near densely populated areas.

When a user tries to access your website, the service automatically routes the request from the origin server to the cache of the server closest to the user’s physical location, where the cached files are sent to the user.

This procedure reduces the overall transit time of your website’s data, resulting in faster page load times, higher search engine rankings, and a better user experience.

What are the types of CDN?

There are three types of CDNs:

  1. Content Service Protocols (CSPs): These are fully managed hosted networks that allow users to access website files. This category includes the CDN services we’ll talk about in this blog post.
  1. Peer-to-peer CDNs: Peer-to-peer (P2P) arrangements function between personal computers and are not ideal for hosting your website’s contents because they have a low setup and operating cost. A peer-to-peer network such as BitTorrent is a common example.
  1. You can even develop your own private CDN if you’re dissatisfied with the offered options. It implies that you must build and run your own global network of servers to offer your statistics.

Utilizing a CDN service (or a free CDN) improves the speed of your website while simultaneously saving your hosting provider bandwidth fees. Furthermore, because a fast website loading speed is a favorable ranking factor, having a speedier site can help your search engine rankings.

Many of these services are now expensive, so if you can locate a cheap or free CDN for WordPress, that’s all the better because you’ll be able to speed up your site until you can afford to pay for a superior content distribution WordPress service.

Your data is stored on servers located all over the world by CDN.No matter where the visitors access your site, they will receive data from the server that is nearest to them. You have no choice but to use a CDN to speed up your website. You can use both free and paid CDN services. Cloudflare CDN is popular and provides both free and pro plans. 

Why should you use CDN? [Key Benefits]

While there are numerous advantages to using a CDN, here are a few of them:

  • Security: Many providers use cutting-edge technology such as WAF (Web Application Firewalls) and Origin Shield to add an extra layer of security to keep data secure, process customer transactions, and fight against DDoS, DNS Amplification, and Layer 7 assaults. Only a global network of servers working together to dampen a DDoS attack can effectively protect against it.
  • Speed: One of the most important reasons why consumers choose to use this service is the drastic improvement in the website’s performance. A CDN minimizes network latency by shortening the physical distance between the user and the server, allowing your site to load at light speed.
  • SEO Benefits: Everyone enjoys a lightning-fast experience, especially Google, which introduced speed as a ranking criterion in 2010. These services not only help you rank higher in search engine results, but they also improve the crawl rate of both your photos in Google Image Search and your entire site, ensuring that your site ranks higher.
  • Global Availability: When your server goes down due to an unexpected traffic spike, CDN service keeps your site up and running. Because many servers manage the load, your website will always be up and running when enabled. Take a look at CloudFlare’s Always Online technology, which ensures that a website is always available. Your web server will be less stressed.
  • Lower bandwidth costs: A CDN or free CDN can reduce bandwidth requests by up to 70% by offloading CPU, traffic, and other resources from your original hosting server. The fewer bandwidth queries you make, the less bandwidth your web provider charges you. It is especially crucial if your website’s hosting provider imposes severe bandwidth quotas.

Should we use CDN for Speed only?

To answer the above question, we have to consider the fact that we need fast loading speeds globally.

We frequently examine the loading speed of our sites and compare them with renowned performance testing tools because we visit our websites now and then. Even if you think your website is loading quickly on your end, chances are a large portion of your visitors, particularly those from other countries or geographic locations, are experiencing a much slower load time than you are.

So, why does the speed vary based on geographical location?

The quality of your web host and the actual location of your web server have a significant impact on the speed of your WordPress website. It means that unless your web server is deployed internationally, it will never be fast for all users worldwide.

Although WordPress provides several simple and cost-effective ways to improve website speed, such as optimizing images, minifying CSS and JavaScript, and installing a caching plug-in to generate pages faster and leverage browser caching for WordPress, none of these optimizations is as powerful and efficient as using a CDN.

Is web hosting required for CDN?

Most people ask while implementing CDN, “Do I need hosting while using CDN?” The answer is “yes“.

All of your non-static files are stored on your web server, which is the foundation of your website. The free CDN, also known as a content delivery network, is an additional layer that copies all large static files across its global network of powerful computers.

Consider your web host to be a virtual location that you rent for your online business, such as WordPress. This is where you put your pages, images, videos, PHP files, databases, and everything else you need to keep your domain running smoothly.

A CDN, on the other hand, is something you utilize in addition to your web hosting service to speed things up.

A CDN will never be able to take the place of your web hosting account. A WordPress hosting server is still required to store all of your files and the WordPress installation itself. Many premium or managed-to-host services have recently begun to include a free CDN as part of their website hosting plans.

Key Factors While Choosing a CDN

Whether you choose a free or premium CDN, there are a few crucial considerations to ponder when selecting the best CDN for your WordPress site. Here are some of the most important ones to think about:

  • Analytics Reporting and a User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Simple WordPress integration, either via a plugin or a popular caching tool.
  • Server (POPs) Real-time Content Purging is available in places where you get a lot of website traffic.
  • Support for HTTP/2
  • SSL Integration is completely free.
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Reasonable Pricing 

How do you know if your site needs CDN support?

There are some instances where having one is critical for a website. If your website meets any of the following criteria, you should consider using a CDN:

  • You have a complicated, multimedia-rich domain with a lot of images, movies, or sounds.
  • Your website receives a substantial volume of international traffic from a variety of nations.
  • Your website’s traffic is rapidly increasing.
  • Your site is prone to traffic spikes. For example, if you have a WooCommerce-powered online store, it is often overburdened on the server, especially during holidays and special deals.
  • If you have a website that uses resources from a third-party website, software, or services, such as videos, advertisements, forms, or chat services,
  • If your budget allows, you can use a CDN for your WordPress site if you have an online community website that attracts large groups of people at various periods (traffic peaks).

If any of the above applies to your WordPress site, you should start using a CDN as soon as feasible.

Only websites that cater to particular geographic areas and whose hosting is already in place near their target audience will be considered. In this situation, you should save time by implementing other speed optimization techniques such as image optimization, CSS minification, and a suitable caching plugin such as WP-Rocket.

How to Setup a CDN?

It is easier to install on most websites. You can do it in two ways:

Plugin: install a CDN plugin that transforms the URL of static files to the CDN service’s address.

Under the hood, the plugin instructs the webserver to change the URL of pictures to that of the free CDN provider in the first instance. The browser used to visit your website can then send requests to the content delivery network (CDN) service to obtain the static files. It’s possible that you’ll need to change DNS records to point to cdn.yourdomain.com.

DNS Reverse Proxy: Change your domain’s DNS entries to point to the CDN service’s address. A reverse proxy service is what it’s called.

In this technique, the CDN service’s nameservers are used instead of the hosting server’s nameservers. This indicates that the CDN is in charge of all traffic to your website. It provides all static material first, then sends requests for dynamic content to your web server, which is also served to the browser.

Reverse proxy CDN

However, choosing a web hosting service provider that has free CDN integration is the ideal option, such as Kinsta or WPEngine.

Getting Started with the CDN List

We will describe the CDN into three categories:

  1. CDN with an absolutely forever-free plan.
  2. CDN with generous trial periods (like 12 months)
  3. Open-sourced CDN with a free plan for hosting common scripts such as jQuery, Bootstrap, etc.
  4. CDN options for a fee

The Best Free WordPress CDN Services with a Free-forever Plan

1. CloudFlare

Price: - FREE, Pro - $20/mo, Business - $20/mo, Enterprise - (contact Sales)
Cloudflare CDN Service

Cloudflare is regarded as the best free content delivery network (CDN) for WordPress users. It is one of the few industry-leading companies that provides a free plan forever. Cloudflare’s 115 datacenters provide speed, dependability, and protection against simple DDoS attacks. It also includes a WordPress plugin that has been downloaded over 100,000 times. According to Cloudflare’s claim, more than 26,000,000 internet properties use them.

For personal websites with a maximum upload size of 100 MB, Cloudflare provides a free plan. You can upgrade your account at any moment to gain more features such as mobile optimization and firewall security.

Cloudflare is also known for its exceptional DDoS defense, which is made possible by its worldwide network. For DDoS assaults, you can activate the “Under Attack” button for extra safety.

WordPress users can enable the best free CDN services by installing the Cloudflare WordPress plugin after signing up. Their free plan contains restrictions, and the paid plan starts at $20 per month.

9.2Expert Score
Best CDN Ever

CloudFlare is the most popular Content Delivery Network in the industry.

User Interface
  • Bot Mitigation
  • Easy-to-use DNS
  • Easy domain management.
  • SSL management
  • Argo - optimize global network response
  • WAF Protection
  • Caching capabilities
  • Easier to Setup and develop documentation
  • Node computing
  • Lack of Storage like S3
  • Confusing Pricing model
  • 3rd party integration
  • Overpriced paid business Plan
  • Domain Registrar is lacking many TLDs
  • Free plan not suitable for large business
  • Converting from a CNAME installation back to a DNS based one is very difficult
  • Limited stats and analytics

2. Imperva (Incapsula)

Price: - FREE, Pro - $59/mo, Business - $299/mo, Enterprise - (contact Sales)

Imperva CDN

Imperva (previously Incapsula) offers cloud-based application delivery services such as global content delivery networks, website security, DDoS protection, load balancing, and failover. Signing up for the service is quick and easy, and they have a great free plan and a WordPress plugin for receiving correct IP address information for comments placed on your site.

Imperva’s global CDN employs innovative caching and optimization techniques to enhance connection and response times while cutting bandwidth costs.
Speeds can be increased by up to 50% when bandwidth consumption is reduced by up to 60% when using Imperva.

Imperva provides similar features like Cloudflare: –

  • routed website traffic through the internationally spread network of high-performance servers using a small DNS change.
  • Real-time threat detection and blocking of the latest web attacks, including multi-gigabit DDoS attacks
  • Outgoing traffic is sped up thanks to their internationally distributed content delivery network.
8.2Expert Score
Great CDN for Enterprise Level

Imperva is good for paid customers. Free plan is available but not recommended comparing to its competitiors.

User Interface
  • Offers dynamic caching
  • control over caching functions like disable caching, static caching only, static and dynamic caching, and dynamic caching only.
  • Resource optimization technologies
  • Includes unique technologies such as TCP connection pre-pooling, session reuse, code minification, and more.
  • Good for a large traffic website
  • Great value for paid customer
  • Limited numbers of the global data centers
  • No security features with the free plan
  • The free plan does not include a purging option.
  • CDN functionalities are secondary
  • The dashboard's WebGUI interface requires improvement
  • Insufficient/Expensive WAF attack logs analysis
  • Limited API

3. Jetpack CDN

Price: - FREE
JetPack CDN

Jetpack is familiar to all WordPress users. They’ve added a free CDN service (named Photon) that feeds your site’s pictures across their globally powered WordPress.com grid as part of their latest upgrade of awesomeness. To enable this service, download and install Jetpack, then turn on the Photon module.

It boosts your loading time by loading pictures from the WordPress.com data centers with their Photon module.  While not a true free CDN, Jetpack Photon is an excellent way to speed up your WordPress by using a plugin to outsource the delivery of pictures hosted on Jetpack-connected sites.

The Jetpack Photon is dedicated to images and will be handy for websites that utilize a lot of photos on their pages.

Because this supplier is primarily concerned with performance, they are lacking in terms of security. While they offer some protection, such as blocking brute-force attacks, they lack more complex features like DDoS prevention.

How do you use the Photon by JetPack module on your WordPress site? Follow the tutorial if you plan to use it.

Firstly, get the plugin and install it..

To enable Photon, go to the plugin page in your WordPress dashboard and click the Switch. It turns on your website’s free CDN for images.

7.5Expert Score
Good for basic or image-based websites

Jetpack CDN is good for basic or image-based websites. It's completely free and a good choice for beginners/ busy people.

User Interface
  • Good for a starter website
  • Speed up your website within a few click
  • Completely free CDN
  • Great for image based websites
  • Automated image compression
  • Lack advanced security features
  • Not a complete CDN
  • No cache purging
  • Low-quality image compression
  • Inconsistent response time

4. Shift8 CDN

Price: - FREE, Pro plan -$5.00/Mo, Agency plan -$20.00/mo
Shift8 CDN

A free CDN solution has been developed and is offered by Shift8, a web design agency in Canada. It has a large number of endpoints around the world, making it a viable choice. We were surprised to see a private company offering such a service for free, but they appear to have succeeded.

It’s run by a WordPress plugin that you need to install and activate. The free plan provides a 2-URL limit and community forum support. Besides, you can upgrade to a paid subscription plan that includes Brotli compression, a 10-URL limit, and premium support.

8Expert Score
Viable choice indeed

Shift8 CDN is not a very popular option but provides decent services. You can run it using a WP Plugin.

User Interface
  • Easy to use
  • Endpoints across 16+ locations
  • Cheapest premium plans
  • Completely free for static assets on your site
  • 2-URL limit for free plan
  • Limited coverage

5. Anyone CDN

Price: - FREE, Basic plan - $2.99, Pro plan - $9.99/Mo, premium plan -$25.00/mo
Anyone CDN

It is a free CDN service maintained by a single person named Ferdian Alfianto. Anyone CDN is funded by contributions. The only enforceable restriction is fair usage. So, no single URL on their free CDN service can consume more than 20% of their bandwidth.

You should contact the developer if you come across any problems so that they can improve it. It is because the service is currently in BETA condition. In the background, Cloudflare, StackPath, and BunnyCDN power the service.

There are a few feature restrictions. But for a total price of zero, one should expect certain limitations. You can use the CDN enabler plugin to make it work on WordPress, and then add the URL created via the Anyone CDN website to the plugin’s CDN URL.

8.4Expert Score
Great for all types of website

Anyone CDN provides outstanding security features to safeguard your website.

User Interface
  • Easy to use
  • Outstanding security features.
  • Cheapest premium plans
  • Enterprise-grade services
  • Comes with a fair usage policy.
  • Limited coverage in the free plan

6. Cloudinary

Price: - FREE, Plus Plan - $99/mo, Advanced - $249/mo,, Advanced -$549/mo,
Cloudinary CDN

Offloading your images to another server is an excellent idea if you have a website that is largely reliant on images (think photography or design portfolios). You’d end up saving a lot of bandwidth this way.

Cloudinary is a robust image management application that can host your photos, resize them on the fly, and much more. They can help you manage your video and digital assets too. At present, they offer 25K transformations or 25GB of storage and 25GB of bandwidth in their forever-free plan + 25 monthly credits.

8.8Expert Score
Perfect/Versatile CDN Choice

Cloudinary CDN is one of the best CDNs for image and video management with other resources.

User Interface
  • Excellent Documentation
  • TAM support
  • customer service response time
  • Technical capabilities
  • Cost transparency
  • Image compressing
  • Dynamic management of the videos and images
  • All of your media is automatically backed up on your Cloudinary account.
  • Technical flaws like cache invalidations etc
  • Navigation in Admin
  • User Interface requires improvements
  • Pricing is high
  • The configuration process is a bit difficult
  • No officially supported Drupal module

7. G-Core Labs CDN

Price: - FREE, Starter - €35/mo, Pro 1TB - €100/mo, Pro 10TB - €150/mo
G-core Labs CDN

With 140+ global locations, the G-Core Labs CDN is a highly secure network that protects your organization while delivering your pages by performing several security checks.

G-Core Labs provides CDN solutions for several online enterprises, whether it’s a simple WordPress site or a complex one. Using their extensive network, they’ll send your material to end-users instantaneously.

It includes over 6,300 peer-to-peer networks, making it one of the most complete content delivery network systems available.

The CDN plan with 28 PoPs is free. This plan can be used to get started with your website and then upgraded to a premium plan as your business expands.

8.4Expert Score
Superfast CDN

G-Core Labs CDN is one of the best All-in-one Service providers in the CDN industry.

User Interface
  • 140+ PoPs on 5 continents
  • 6 000+ peering partners
  • Excellent Response Time = <30ms
  • 75+ Tbps total network capacity
  • Excellent Security
  • 100% Uptime
  • High-quality HD and 4K video rendering at an excellent speed
  • Credit card Required for free plan
  • Overwhelming for New Users
  • The API documentation lacks source code and Curl examples
  • Limited product information
  • No guarantee for uptime

8. Cloud storage services

Free Cloud Storage CDN

One of the best strategies to reduce server bandwidth is to use free cloud storage services to host the downloadable files on your website. Upload the downloaded files to your cloud storage account, make them public, and post the download link on your page.

Here are a few options for free cloud storage:

  • Dropbox – 2 GB free, with the ability to earn up to 18 GB through referrals
  • Google Drive – 15 GB of free storage.
  • Copy – 15 GB free, 5 GB per referral
  • SkyDrive – 7 GB free
  • Box – 5 GB free

9. Imgur / Photobucket / Flckr Image Hosted Site

Imgur is a popular image hosting platform that is fast, dependable, and ideal for novices. If you’re just getting started and need a quick way to conserve server bandwidth, Imgur, as well as other popular picture storage services like PhotoBucket and Flickr, should suffice.

With a Generous Trial Period, the Best Free CDN Services for WordPress

10. AWS Cloudfront (1 Year)

Price: - FREE (1 Year), First 10TB - $0.09, Over 5TB - $0.02, Next 524TB - $0.03, Next 4PB - $0.03, Next 350TB - $0.04, Next 100TB - $0.06, Next 40TB - $0.08
AWS Cloudfront CDN

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a leader in making high-performance cloud computing accessible to the general public at a low cost. Amazon CloudFront, a leading content delivery network utilized by companies including Slack and Spotify, is one of their services.

It is not a completely free service, although it does offer a year of free service. Although Amazon Cloudfront has a 50GB restriction, this is usually sufficient for getting started or for the first few months as you establish your bearings.

When it comes to cloud services, AWS is one of the most powerful, with several firms relying on it to fuel their operations. Spotify, Slack, and Dropbox are all powered by the global CDN. The AWS infrastructure supports tens of thousands of other well-known and popular services.

To begin, you may utilize the WP Offload S3 Lite plugin to connect your Amazon S3 (storage) and Amazon CloudFront (content delivery network) services to your WordPress site.

8.8Expert Score
Overall a reliable CDN service provider

AWS Cloudfront is a reliable CDN service that provides a generous free trial period of a year.

User Interface
  • Free plan for a year
  • Highly configurable
  • Advanced features
  • Easy scalability
  • Most streamlined data transfer
  • Easy Configuration
  • User restriction features
  • Very good and extensive documentation
  • Traffic encryption
  • Excellent security Access control
  • Expensive pricing
  • Difficult to calculate the monthly expenditure
  • Security boost
  • Many CDNs offer better performance
  • Lambda Edge customization
  • Require skills to configure other AWS products with it.
  • adding custom response headers in CloudFront requires extra money.

11. Google Cloud CDN (1 Year + $300 Free)

Price: - FREE (1 Year), First 140TB - $0.06, Next 850 TB - $0.05, Over 1000 TB - $0.04
Google Cloud CDN

Google Cloud, like AWS, gives $300 credits over a year in exchange for accessing their Cloud CDN technology. It is a cloud platform that works like AWS’ Cloudfront service.

While this is a viable solution, it is recommended for individuals having a complicated WordPress infrastructure with regular significant traffic stress rather than the average user.

8.8Expert Score
Powerful CDN service provider

Google Cloud CDN provides viable solutions for deploying faster websites.

User Interface
  • Easy to setup
  • Intuitive interface
  • Good transfer between different servers
  • Offers security
  • Load balancing
  • Powerful servers in all geographical regions of the world
  • AnyCast IP feature
  • Easy integration with Google Cloud VMs
  • In-depth documentation
  • Low latency
  • Incredible security functions
  • Availability and reliability
  • $300 free credit and a year of a free trial
  • Complicated cache system
  • Confusing for beginners and novices
  • Expensive price compared to the competitors
  • Cloud workers unavailability
  • No support available for dynamic routing
  • Hefty support fee
  • A bit of Unstable SDK APIs
  • Complex pricing schema

12. Microsoft Azure CDN (15 Days + $200 Credits)

Price: - Free Trial, First 10TB)/Mo - $0.081 per GB, Next 40 TB (10–50 TB)/Mo - $0.075 per GB, Next 100 TB (50–150 TB)/Mo - $0.056 per GB, Next 350 TB (150–500 TB)/Mo - $0.037 per GB, Next 500 TB (500–1,000 TB)/Mo - $0.028 per GB, Next 4,000 TB (1,000–5,000 TB)/Month - $0.023 per GB, Over 5,000 TB/Month - CONTACT
Microsoft Azura CDN

Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a CDN service offered by Azure Cloud Platform that enables online or cloud services to store and retrieve data from multiple content servers and locations.By locating content delivery or storage servers close to customers, Azure CDN helps provide greater bandwidth and faster data delivery in different geographical areas.

Microsoft Azure presently offers a 15-day trial of its services (as of November 11, 2021) with $200 in credits. The Azure CDN is available in several locations throughout the world. 

7.8Expert Score
Perfect CDN to use with Azure Services

Azure CDN is a must-see if you use other Azure Services. It's also great to work with the .NET or PowerShell management features

User Interface
  • Simple integration with other Azure services
  • Scalable performance
  • Effective API to manage load and purge
  • Adaptable setting
  • You are charged according to your resources usage
  • High speed and security CDN
  • Use of advanced analytics
  • Easy management
  • Detailed reporting on cached objects
  • Guarantees security of your apps and API.
  • Tough learning curve
  • Expensive cost
  • No robust SDK
  • Does not support web sockets
  • Confusing process
  • UI needs to be improved.

Free Open-Source CDN For Developers to Host libraries

We’ll now look at some of the open-source libraries used by premium content delivery networks. Previously, we looked at several free CDN services that may be used with WordPress. For now, let’s look at free CDN services that are designed to host files like JavaScript, PHP, etc.

Microsoft Ajax CDN

The first in our list of free CDN services powered by Azure is this one, which is primarily intended for use by developers. The objective is to host popular third-party Javascript libraries like jQuery so that developers can simply integrate them into their websites.

Taking advantage of this, as with other similar providers, can considerably increase the performance of Ajax applications, as the contents of such files are cached on numerous servers across the world, in addition to the reusability of the same files through browser caching.

14. Google Hosted Libraries

free WordPress CDN

The Google Hosted Libraries is a global content distribution network for the most popular open-source JavaScript libraries that is robust, dependable, and fast. Google collaborates directly with key stakeholders on each library project and accepts the most recent versions as they become available.

Google offers free hosting for some of the most popular libraries on their lightning-fast infrastructure. This is an excellent feature for WordPress theme and plugin developers.

15. cdnjs

Cdnjs CDN

Cdnjs is a community-powered CDN that powers over 320,000 websites, similar to the philosophy behind Bootstrap. Cloudflare, UserApp, Algolia, and Digital Ocean are the current sponsors and supporters. The goal of cdnjs is to host popular libraries for the benefit of developers and internet users in general. It presently hosts approximately 3,400 libraries.

Because these files are usually cached in the browser, the availability of identical URLs for such libraries used by many websites makes the web faster for everyone.

Developers who have created libraries for public consumption can utilize the cdnjs free CDN to distribute their work because it’s available as a Github repository.

16. jsDeliver

jsDeliver CDN service

jsDelivr is a free CDN that allows web developers to upload and host jQuery plugins, CSS frameworks, fonts, and JavaScript libraries, as well as the accompanying files (such as PNG/CSS). It’s ideal for hosting libraries that aren’t hosted by Google. You can use their WordPress plugin to integrate their services into your site.

Popular WordPress plugins like WP SlimStat use jsDelivr to host their JavaScript files. Other than JavaScript files required in plugins and other programs, you can’t use this plugin to host static files.

17. Bootstrap CDN

Bootstrap CDN

Bootstrap is a popular framework for creating responsive websites that is used by millions of websites worldwide. To execute the framework, it needs a lot of CSS and JS files (or libraries), which are usually provided on a CDN. StackPath proudly hosts the Bootstrap files on behalf of Bootstrap. However, you can’t use this service to host any other files.

FontAwesome and Bootswatch, which are both “tools” that require the inclusion of some files in your project to permit download and usage, are also hosted on the same site.

Popular Paid CDN Services For WordPress

Now that we’ve seen some free options, we’ll look at the paid WordPress CDN services, which we believe are the superior option. We feel that paying for a service is always the best option. We believe that opting for such services is the better choice.

1. StackPath CDN

Stackpath CDN

We can only praise StackPath because they have edge servers across the globe and robust architecture to handle all types of attacks and traffic levels.

One feature of the business that you’ll love is the superb customer service. You’ll be surprised with the care they take in dealing with your problem. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee and a free trial, so there’s no danger.

Price: $20/month with a free trial period of one month.

8.2Expert Score
Affordable and reliable CDN

Stackpath is very affordable and reliable. It provides exceptional security and deliver great performances.

User Interface
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Edge scripts are better than [email protected]
  • 100 more domains per site
  • Cache keys can be set from the origin for quick cache removal
  • 24/7 Chat support
  • Incorporated network application firewall and DDoS control
  • Economical and affordable
  • CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian Installed
  • Anycast IP Addresses
  • Developer-friendly
  • In-depth documentation
  • Small to larger file delivery
  • Easy to configure
  • Real-time reporting
  • Application level protection
  • Annoying weekend billing system
  • Lack of auto image optimization
  • Support staffs often take a day or more time to resolve an issue.
  • Operates under UTC time zone only.
  • Aids only IP version 4.
  • Offers no support to Brotli
  • Not easy to setup
  • Outside of the United States and Europe, there are fewer servers.
  • Minimal video support

2. JetPack (Site Accelerator)

JetPack Site Accelerator

This is another service we’ve mentioned because they provide both a personal (free) and a premium service with several additional features. Given that Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, is behind this service, you can rest assured that it is one of the top WordPress CDN services available.

Jetpack’s Site Accelerator allows Jetpack to optimize and serve your images and static files (such as CSS and JavaScript) from their global network of servers, making your WordPress pages load faster.

Price: $3.50/month


Securi CDN

Sucuri is well-known for its web security service, which effectively ensures that your website is safe from web-based threats.

However, because the service acts as a reverse proxy to defend your site from attacks, it also offers CDN-based website performance packages. Sucuri’s performance CDN is based on a worldwide Anycast network with 10 SuperPOPs in the United States, Europe, and Asia and two CDN POPs in Australia and Brazil.

Sucuri’s content delivery network automatically caches your website content, allowing you to enhance website speed by up to 70% on average. Sucuri provides you with this appealing function that will assist you in improving the performance of your website no matter where you are.

Once you’ve subscribed to the Sucuri Web Application Firewall, you can use DNS modifications to enable the CDN. The Pro version costs $299 per year. However, keep in mind that you get all of the CDN’s features and the web application firewalls.

7.1Expert Score
Secure CDN with several features

Sucuri WordPress plugin with sucuri CDN helps to prevent your website from attacks and improve your website's performance.

User Interface
  • The core is available for free.
  • Firewalls start at $10 per month
  • Instant support is available
  • Account creation is simple
  • Malware detection
  • Removal of the blacklist
  • immediate and exceptional Customer service
  • Cloud security backup
  • Hack prevention
  • Saves all data and updates the server
  • Limited functionality
  • Expensive pricing plans for small businesses
  • Lengthy scanning time
  • Slow customer support
  • Annoying ticket supports on some cases

4. Imperva CDN

We have already mentioned this CDN service above. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best paid CDN services for WordPress. 

5. Swarmify

Swarmify CDN

Swarmify (formerly known as SwarmCDN) is a peer-to-peer content delivery network with a free plan that includes 10 GB of bandwidth (only for videos).

Swarmify can be used as an add-on to distribute and cache your website’s video assets, but not other web page files like CSS or HTML. If you’re currently using another service, you can still use Swarmify as an add-on to offload your bandwidth-intensive media files.

To utilize Swarmify, simply register an account, copy a short Javascript snippet at the top of the page, and change your video tags so that they can determine which assets should be mirrored on your page. Additionally, you can use the Swarmify SmartVideo plugin to make this easy to configure.

Swarmify was once a completely free CDN, but they recently switched to a subscription model with a free trial.

To see how it works, download the WordPress plugin and give it a try. Swarmify, on the other hand, works in a quite different way.

9Expert Score
A great Video CDN platform

Swarmify is the best CDN platform for video hosting. It prevents unbranded video playback like Youtube does!

User Interface
  • Great WordPress Support
  • Prevent Traffic Leaks
  • Unbranded Video Playback option
  • Auto Video Migration
  • Fast video loading times and playback
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Modern, high-quality video player.
  • Automatic conversion of hosted videos
  • 24/7 (Live Rep)
  • Documentation
  • Not a complete CDN
  • Only good for Videos
  • A bit expensive pricing plan

6. MetaCDN


MetaCDN is a company based in Australia that combines Amazon Cloudfront, Fastly, and Verizon’s EdgeCast CDN networks into a single solution.

The package appears to be identical to any other CDN and requires no further setup. Once you’ve signed up, point MetaCDN to your files or origin server, and your site will be ready to go. 

It’s the little things that count. MetaCDN may choose from over 120 Cloudfront, Fastly, and EdgeCast locations when a visitor requests your site or a file. It optimizes performance by selecting the fastest supplier for each location. If one CDN or location fails, MetaCDN automatically redirects your traffic to another, allowing the service to guarantee 100% uptime.

MetaCDN provides a free 7-day trial. It has the following features:

  • MetaCDN, like Internap, provides thorough use and performance reporting.
  • When a visitor wants to access your website, the fastest server location is chosen. If there are numerous providers in a given region, the resources will be served faster.
8.1Expert Score
Reliable CDN with 100% uptime guarantee

For high-traffic sites with a global audience, MetaCDN could be a smart and quick alternative.

User Interface
  • Three top CDNs in one place - Amazon Cloudfront, Fastly and Verizon's EdgeCast
  • User-friendly web console
  • Great performance level
  • No extra setup work
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Unused credits don't expire
  • No overage penalty for extra data transfer
  • In-depth documentation and tutorials
  • $50 (£40) monthly charge for multi-CDN
  • No configuration options
  • Confusing pricing model
  • Limited features
  • Lower control

7. CDN77


CDN77 is a premium CDN service that offers a secure, dependable, and cost-effective solution. CDN77 supports HTTP/2, free Instant SSL certificates with TLS 1.3, Gzip and Brotli compression, DDoS prevention, Hotlink protection, and many other features.

It has two main services: static file processing and distribution and video processing and delivery. CDN77 currently supports four WordPress plugins – WP Fastest Cache, ZenCache, W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache, and many other CMS integrations (Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Prestashop, and others). It has over 35 points of presence with data centers on five continents and a network capacity of 30 Tbps+.

CDN77 offers both monthly and pay-as-you-go plans with no commitments, as well as enterprise-level high-volume services. The free CDN trial does not require a credit card.

9.2Expert Score
One of the Best CDNs for all

CDN77 is one of the best CDNs that can compete with Cloudflare head to head!

User Interface
  • Free 50GB CDN storage
  • Very low error rate
  • You pay for what you use
  • Standalone end-to-end video streaming solution
  • Token authentication advantage
  • Easy integration with the content management system
  • Unlimited website in one CDN plan
  • Delivers fast load speed across 22 countries in 5 different continents
  • 30 Days money back guarantee with 14 days generous trial
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Outstand customer service
  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Rich technical features
  • Simple purchase process
  • Straightforward functionality
  • Manual Prefetch process
  • Fewer networks compared to the competitors,
  • Setting up the CDN can be the hardest part for many users. But customer representatives can ease the process.
  • Credit expiration


Everything good has to come to an end. There have been cases where free CDNs have stopped supplying their services or have shut down, which leads us to an essential conclusion. So, it’s good to pay a little bit for good CDN services.

Rabius Sany is the founder of "Smartestlancer Digital and e-commerce marketing Agency." He is a dedicated WordPress Designer, SEO manager, Affiliate Marketer, Content writer, and e-commerce Marketer. He is passionate about blogging and helping people.
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