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DreamHost Review 2022 – Is DreamHost a Good Web Host? Detailed Analysis

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Dreamhost Review

In this comprehensive DreamHost review, we will learn about the various aspects of this web hosting company like DreamHost’s hosting plan and pricing, pros and cons, key features, performance and testing results, customer service, and other things.

DreamHost has been offering excellent web hosting at cheap pricing for over two decades. It offers a diverse choice of web hosting plans and services to its customers like most other competitors like Bluehost, SiteGround, and many more.

After reading this article, you will get better answers to the following questions: –

  • How good is DreamHost’s web hosting service?
  • Should you choose DreamHost for your website?
  • What are the pros and Cons of DreamHost?
  • Why DreamHost is one of the best choices for you?

Let’s jump into this DreamHost Review article and decide if it’s the best web hosting company for you!

Table of Contents

DreamHost Review In-Depth From Our Experts

DreamHost provides innovative web hosting services, including shared and cloud hosting. It was voted as the best hosting provider by PC Magazine three years in a row. It provides guaranteed uptime, reliable security, a commitment to satisfying customer care, and privacy protection.

DreamHost offers VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, and domain registration services. It is recommended by WordPress.org blog. It provides high-performance managed WordPress hosting that is simple to use and get started.

In this comprehensive DreamHost review, with a thorough and rigorous study using industry-standard, credible testing tools, we’ll put it all to the tests.

We are going to cover the following areas: –

  • Hosting plans and prices: What are the hosting plans and their prices? Do they provide the best value for your money?
  • Features: What are the DreamHost’s best features for your website?
  • Performance Test:  We will check DreamHost’s performance using different standards like traffic spikes, stress tests, and many more. We will see how it handles everything.
  • Uptime Reliability: Will you get the DreamHost’s guaranteed uptime according to their commitment?
  • Customer Service: How reliable DreamHost’s customer support team is? What are the opinions of other customers?
  • Speed Analysis: We’ll evaluate the loading speed of your website using the DreamHost server by testing their speed and server response time.

If you don’t have time to read the complete review, take a look at the brief reports and our viewpoint. We hope it will give a clear understanding of DreamHost.

DreamHost Review Summary

Ease of UseAlthough the sign-up process is straightforward, getting acclimated to DreamHost's Dashboard interface may take some time.
PerformanceIn our tests, DreamHost performed well (uptime and speed). It wasn't the best service, but it delivered consistent results and A Grade Performance..
UptimeThe uptime result is 99.84%, according to the past 12 months of data (Feb 2021 - Jan 2022). DreamHost guarantees 100% uptime and compensates customers if this commitment is not met.
Server SpeedThe Average response time is 1490 ms, according to the past 12 months of data (Feb 2021 - Jan 2022). It is not the fastest speed compared to its competitors. DreamHost performed better in the past. We hope they will resolve this temporary problem soon.
ApplicationDreamHost scripts make it simple to install popular CMS/applications such as Concrete5, Joomla, MediaWiki, Piwigo, and WordPress etc
Free DomainYES
Customer Support GradeA-
EmailThere are no limits to the number of accounts you can have, and each mailbox can hold up to 2GB of data.
Help & SupportSupport via Live Chat ( 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Pacific Time, 7 Days), Callbacks, Email, Knowledge Base, Twitter are available. Customers have both positive and negative reactions to DreamHost support.
Best ForSmall & Large Businesses, Startup, Bloggers, Beginners, web developers
AffordabilityCheaper at the beginning, reasonable at the renewal stages
CostsAll six types of hosting have monthly fees ranging from $4.95 to $399. If you commit to a longer term plan, you will receive a discount.
Hosting TypeShared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress, and cloud hosting are the five main types of hosting available at DreamHost.
Other ServicesYou may buy a domain name, have unlimited email accounts, and even use DreamHost's website builder to make your dream website.
Data centersVirginia, Oregon, and two California data centers are among the four data centers in the US.
ServerLinux Only
FeaturesFree backups, Unmetered bandwidth, one Website, 50 GB Storage, Free Domain 1st Year, Free SSL Certificate, Domain Privacy, 97-day Money-Back Guarantee, WordPress 1-Click Install
Overall Rating4.2
The Bottom Line
DreamHost provides outstanding services at reasonable prices. It provides extensive tools for beginners to set up a site and web developers to work with source codes. Their cloud hosting plans will satisfy your needs for higher traffic and data transfers. Overall performance is remarkable. Considering all the facts and features, we recommend DreamHost to everyone.
The table above shows the standards for DreamHost web hosting services. Now we’ll get down to business with the analysis.

About DreamHost

DreamHost Homepage

Owned by New Dream Network, LLC, DreamHost was founded in 1996in Los Angeles by four undergraduate students at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California, Dallas Bethune, Josh Jones, Michael Rodriguez, and Sage Weil.

As an award-winning web hosting company, DreamHost is very popular for its outstanding web hosting services. It is one of the three recommended web hosting companies by WordPress that hosts over 1.5 million websites. With 400000+ customers, DreamHost has been providing hosting services for the last 20 years.

DreamHost has established its position as one of the most reliable hosting service providers. It is one of the best choices for WordPress hosting companies.

The four founders of Dreamhost built this hosting site on open-source technology. The rare thing is that it offers the most affordable month-to-month hosting services. 

This company provides hosting at a fraction of the cost of others. We only talk half as much as we used to. It is difficult to deny that DreamHost offers the most cost-effective hosting service available today.

Dreamhost is also a member of the OpenStack Foundation as a Gold Member. Their financial support, coding contributions, and community leadership demonstrate their commitment to Open Source.

Who is DreamHost Ideal For?

DreamHost is the most comprehensive web hosting solution for small and large enterprises working on a wide variety of projects of all sizes. It is due to its adequate performance speed, customer service, and consistent uptime for the majority of website owners.

DreamHost is a good choice for most website owners because of its affordable pricing and high quality.  Whether you’re a blogger or a web developer, DreamHost will provide you with solid and reliable hosting at a cheap price.

DreamHost offers Ruby on Rails, MongoDB, and Redis and can launch cloud servers in 30 seconds. It  makes it simple for consumers to customize their control panel because it supports SSDs and high-level technology.

DreamHost makes it the best choice for most website owners searching for extra assistance and high-quality performance from beginners to tech-savvy customers.

DreamHost: Pros and Cons

Every best web hosting providers has some pros and cons. Some are avoidable, while others are unavoidable.

Here are the pros and cons of DreamHost web hosting that we discovered.


Pros of DreamHost

Affordable Hosting Packages: Most customers, especially those who are just getting started, will find their hosting packages affordable. For a single domain, their cheapest shared hosting package costs only a few dollars per month. DreamHost also offers excellent hosting services for small to medium-sized organizations.

Endorsed By WordPress: If you’re thinking about launching a website or blog, DreamHost is one of those hosting companies that WordPress recommends.

WordPress is the most popular CMS choice supported by DreamHost, and you’ll have the smoothest experience integrating it with your hosting service. You may also choose any WordPress theme or plugin for your website. Essentially, you will have complete control over the appearance of your website, while DreamHost will handle all of the technical details.

Ease of Use: DreamHost’s control panel is sleek and easy to use. From the left sidebar, you can access all of the options. Some users may discover that a few advanced functions are missing because it isn’t built on cPanel.

Reliable performance: DreamHost provides reliable performances. Although the uptime seems poor compared to the competitors, it provides an uptime guarantee. Overall, they provide good performance.

For best performance, DreamHost creates products that are specifically designed to work with WordPress. This ensures a smooth and fluid connection between DreamHost and your WordPress site, allowing it to perform at maximum speed.

The utilization of SSDs is another excellent performance aspect. Your total website, data, and cache are 200 percent faster with DreamHost SSDs than with outdated HDDs. Your visitors may surf your website without lag and won’t get caught up in excessive wait times thanks to lightning-fast speeds and a loading time of 2.35 seconds.

Free SSL certificate: The best part is that DreamHost provides you with a free SSL certificate. As a result, your website is safe from hackers.

Free domain: You won’t need to purchase a domain name from a third-party domain seller since you will receive a free domain name for a year when you buy any plan for your website.

97-Days Money-Back Guarantee: If you are dissatisfied with their service after 97 days, they will return your money.

Unlimited Bandwidth, Data transfer & Storage: All accounts provide genuinely unlimited bandwidth as well as ample storage. There are no inodes limitations, unlike others. 

It also offers unlimited monthly data transfers. This policy has a few exceptions, but it’s mostly legal.

No upsells and upgrades: Many competitors aggressively pitch you to buy add-ons. DreamHost is a breath of fresh air in the internet hosting industry.

Staging features for WordPress: DreamHost provides outstanding features for WordPress hosting packages.

Automated integrations: A few CMS alternatives, such as WordPress, MediaWiki, and Joomla, are available with its automatic integration and one-click installation.

For most users, this is a significant advantage because it allows them to easily switch to a different website. Users who already use one of the available CMS solutions will find it even easier because DreamHost will install it with a single click

Extensive Customer Support: DreamHost’s extensive customer care network is another noteworthy aspect. Live chat and email support are the two main ways to contact them for free support via your control panel.

  • Live Chat: Live chat is available seven days a week from 5:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Pacific Time and they aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours. Please be aware that when DreamHost is swamped with help queries, wait periods might be rather long. You’ll usually get a response in a few minutes or less. 
  • Callbacks: If you require additional assistance with technical concerns, they provide a callback service for a cost. For a small monthly price, you can add three callbacks each month, or a one-time callback option for a fee.
  • Knowledge base: DreamHost also includes pages dedicated to FAQs, system status, tech assistance, and discussion forums. There are dedicated support articles and guides that provide a wealth of information about specific activities. This should usually be your first port of call to prevent filling up the live chat queue and save time!
  • Ticket Submission: You raise an issue and submit it as a ticket to the ticketing system. The support team can then investigate and respond to your problem. When your ticket is answered, you’ll receive an alert, so you won’t have to waste time refreshing the website.

Uptime Reliability:  DreamHost also promises 100% uptime, ensuring that your site is always online and performing at its best. Your website will never perform as well as it does with DreamHost because of emergency generators, regular monitoring, redundant cooling, and data center locations.

Month-to-month hosting: DreamHost also doesn’t have any hidden terms or requirements that could compromise your return. You can also pay on a month-to-month basis and cancel at any moment. In the web hosting market, this is truly unusual.

Server Features: From their panel, you can get MySQL 5 and PHP 7 and 8. Other programming languages, such as Perl, Ruby, and Python, are available as well. Their servers aren’t PCI compliant out of the box, but you can make it happen with some technical know-how.

Transparent Pricing Structure: Many hosts offer incredibly inexpensive initial costs, only to have the fee rise or triple when the service is renewed.

DreamHost is an honest and straightforward hosting company in this aspect. When you browse the plan details, you can see how the cost changes: prepaying for a year or more lowers the price, but that’s all there is to it.

There are no hidden fees or unexpected price rises.

Free Backups: DreamHost keeps two-week-old courtesy backups. Even though the options are somewhat limited, accessing them directly through the control panel is very straightforward, as you can only get the most recent, mid-range, and oldest available backups. You won’t be able to pick a precise date for the repair.

Even so, having backups is preferable to having none. There is no charge for the restoration, and the procedure is straightforward.

Cons of DreamHost

Lack of 1-click Installer: DreamHost doesn’t provide many one-click installation features compared to its competitors. Only a few CMSs are available for automated installation (e.g. WordPress).

No server outside the USA: They don’t have any servers outside of the United States. These may not be suitable for users from other parts of the world (e.g. Europe or Asia).

Missing sophisticated features: Some sophisticated features are missing for larger projects. No staging, built-in cache, or complex backup options, for example — you’ll need their DreamPress hosting for these.

No email accounts for starters: There is no email account included in the beginner plan; however, email addresses can be purchased separately for the Shared Starter plan and are reasonably priced.

No 24/7 Customer support: The customer support is reliable but it’s not serving 24/7. It only offers live chat from 3:00 AM to 9:30 PM Pacific Time, not 24 hours a day. Outside of those hours, you’ll have to rely on ticket help, which is much slower.

Additional charges for additional services: If you’re searching for a more comprehensive web hosting package with advanced features and tools to help you modify your website, DreamHost falls short.

It is feasible to establish a website for near to nothing at first, but there are some additional fees for individuals who require substantial help. For example, they provide services such as website builders, G Suite, design services, and marketing tools in addition to web hosting.

However, because they aren’t included in your hosting subscription, they all cost extra and can add up quickly. Even if a few of the features are reasonably priced on a monthly basis, if you want more professional services, you’ll need to re-evaluate and budget for them.

DreamHost Hosting Plans and Features

DreamHost offers a variety of hosting packages to suit all budgets and requirements. All hosting plans are available, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, WooCommerce hosting, managed WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud hosting.

There are five different hosting plans available from DreamHost:

  1. WordPress hosting: DreamHost is a top recommendation from the WordPress organization. Their WordPress plans are designed for WordPress-based sites. It is WordPress-friendly and can even protect your WordPress site from common threats.
  2. Shared hosting: For a new website with a low level of traffic, shared hosting is a smart option. When you use a shared hosting service, Your website shares server resources with other websites.
  3. VPS Hosting: VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is an advanced version of shared (WordPress) hosting that gives you practically dedicated resources in a shared environment.
  4. Dedicated hosting: If you opt for a dedicated hosting server for your website, you will have complete control over the server’s resources. The drawback is that you will be solely responsible for the server’s management.
  5. Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting distributes resources across a number of servers (traditional hosting pulls resources from a single server). It enables sites to simply scale up their server requirements as needed.

All DreamHost hosting plans include features like automatic WordPress installation, secure setup, a user-friendly cPanel interface, and SSL, among others. The bespoke control panel is simple to use.

DreamHost Shared Hosting

DreamHost shared hosting plan

A shared hosting package is perfect for new websites, blogs, and static business websites. DreamHost, a Linux-based company, offers shared web hosting on a month-to-month basis. We think You should sign up for a yearly plan for more benefits.

Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited are the two shared hosting plans offered by DreamHost. Unlimited monthly data transfers and storage are available with Shared Starter (beginning at $4.95 per month, or $3.59 per month with a one-year commitment).

You’ll need to upgrade to Shared Unlimited (starting at $10.95 per month, or $4.95 per month if you commit for a year). Unlimited email and web hosting are all available in this subscription. The one-year plan’s reduced price (formerly $7.95 per month) puts it within striking distance of the Starter option, making it a far better deal than before.

Your website will benefit from several crucial benefits if you choose WordPress hosting, including:

  • Free Privacy protection
  • With annual plans, you get a free domain.
  • Free Email hosting
  • Control panel that is both advanced and easy to use
  • SSL certificate for free
  • Automated Backups

WordPress hosting is a fantastic choice for individuals who own a WordPress website for the most seamless transitions and incorporation into web hosting.

DreamHost VPS Hosting

dreamhost VPS hosting

VPS hosting refers to the hosting of your website on a shared server with its own dedicated virtual space. VPS hosting has increased in popularity as a cost-effective alternative to dedicated hosting while still delivering superior security and performance over shared hosting.

DreamHost offers four Linux-based VPS web hosting plans for the organization that need more powerful hosting than shared hosting. It starts at $15.00 per month or $13.75 per month with a one-year commitment.

In comparison to shared hosting, VPS hosting puts your website on a server with considerably fewer virtual roommates. As a result, your site has access to great server resources.

The VPS plans include unlimited monthly data transfers and domains, which is a great bonus. There are four VPS hosting plans. They are –

  • VPS Basic: $10 per month for 1GB of RAM and 30 GB of SSD storage.
  • VPS Business: $20 per month for 2GB RAM and 60 GB SSD storage
  • VPS Professional: $40 per month for 4GB of RAM and 120GB of SSD storage.
  • VPS Enterprise: 8GB RAM and 240GB SSD storage start at $80 per month.

The DreamHost VPS plans include basic and advanced functionality for a variety of purposes, such as:

Basic Features:

  • Client and contractor website access through reseller and sub-accounts
  • It has 20x quicker SSDs that range from 30GB to 240GB.
  • Scalable 1GB RAM
  • MySQL databases are limitless.

Advanced features:

  • Updates to the software are performed automatically.
  • Password security
  • Logs from raw files are accessible.
  • IPv4 and unique IPv6 addresses
  • Users who require a more comprehensive hosting solution on a private server will benefit from these capabilities.

DreamHost Dedicated Hosting

Some of the most notable advantages of dedicated hosting include security, privacy, higher traffic, and even greater control. If you know you’ll need the best of the best to host your website for growth and stability, a DreamHost dedicated hosting plan is the way to go.

They offer variety of dedicated server packages. The most basic package is the Standard 4, which contains 4GB of RAM and 1TB of storage and costs $169 per month or $149 for a year-long commitment.

The Enhanced SSD 64 plan, which costs $379 per month and includes 64GB of RAM and 240GB of solid-state storage, is the most expensive. Data transfers are unlimited on all dedicated server plans. Unfortunately, DreamHost does not offer dedicated Windows servers.

DreamHost WordPress Hosting

DreamHost WordPress Hosting Plan

More than 30% of the internet is currently powered by WordPress. It’s no surprise that WordPress is the most popular and fastest-growing Content Management System on the planet, thanks to its open-source code, lively global community, and beginner-friendly platform.

Whether you’re establishing a blog, running a small business, or getting into e-commerce, DreamHost’s WordPress hosting makes it simple to create and administer a website. You’ll have access to thousands of beautiful themes and sophisticated plugins to customize your site with our plans. 

Furthermore, we work with WordPress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep your site safe with frequent auto-updates, so you can rest certain that your site is in good hands.

It offers WordPress hosting in three varieties: WordPress Basic, DreamPress, and VPS WordPress.

1. WordPress Basic

DreamHost makes it simple to get started online whether you’re a blogger, a small company owner, a web designer, or a developer. Our WordPress web hosting packages make it simple to get a terrific website up and running.

Shared Hosting provides everything you need to flourish online such as a free domain, SSL certificate, professional email address, and privacy protection.

2. DreamPress

The monthly cost of DreamPress starts at $12.00. It comes with 30GB of SSD storage, unlimited email and monthly data transfers, and up to one million monthly visitors per month. 

DreamPress Plus (beginning starts at $24.00 per month that doubles storage, boosts visitor count to around 300,000, and includes a content delivery network (CDN) for faster site loading. 

The top-tier DreamPress Pro plan (beginning at $71.95 per month) provides 120GB of SSD storage and a visitor limit of 1,000,000.

3. VPS WordPress Plan

WordPress VPS Plans
VPS WordPress Plan

VPS WordPress Plan provides similar features to DreamHost VPS plans. We have already described the DreamHost VPS plan features and offerings above. If you want to go big with WordPress, we recommend VPS hosting plans for WordPress.

DreamHost Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting uses multiple servers to distribute resources (traditional hosting pulls resources from a single server). It makes it simple for sites to scale up their server requirements as needed.

Thankfully, DreamHost offers three cloud hosting tiers: 512MB RAM Server, 2GB RAM Server, and 8GB RAM Server, all of which are available in Linux, BSD, and Windows flavors.

DreamHost offers excellent packages. It starts at $4.50 per month (for 512MB of RAM, 80GB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers) and go up to $48 per month for 512MB of RAM, 80GB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers for four CPU cores, 8GB of RAM, 80GB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers. As a result of its impressive features, we recommend DreamHost cloud hosting plans.

A few crucial aspects of cloud hosting include:

  • Integration of storage applications
  • Back up your WordPress websites.
  • Migrate any application, such as Ruby, Python, and Redis, into your private cloud.

DreamHost: Testing, Analysis & Results

Now it’s time to test the DreamHost server and share the reports to you. This will help you to understand how reliable DreamHost is compared to other competitors!

It’s time to check the following things: –

  • DreamHost server Speed
  • Server response time
  • and Uptime stats by months

DreamHost Server Response Time

When you examine a live website with tools like Pingdom, GTMetrix, or Google Page Speed Insights, you’re looking at how everything on the site loads. Images and JS scripts take a long time to load compared to plain texts. The tools described above might assist you in optimizing the speed of your WordPress site by giving you reports on your website’s difficulties.

Bitcatcha is a fantastic tool for checking the server response time without loading any data. As a result, we’re going to use this one. 

We have used a website hosted by Dreamhost (coil.suny.edu).

Bitcatcha report DreamHost

Your server response time should be less than 200 milliseconds,” according to Google‘s references. You have an issue if it takes longer than 1-2 seconds.

As you can see, the DreamHost servers in the United States, London, Canada, Germany, Sydney, Japan and Sao Paulo all completed the task in less than 200 ms. Other regions took a little longer to respond, but it was still under a second. DreamHost is highly recommended for websites headquartered in the United States or based in the United States. But it doesn’t mean it’s bad for other regions. Other regions’ response times are still acceptable.

DreamHost server response time

Furthermore, according to the Bitcatcha speed test result, the average server speed is 141 ms, which is fairly decent and acceptable.

DreamHost Uptime History by months

One of the most crucial elements to consider when choosing a web host is uptime. Because if your website is unavailable, you will lose customers. As a result, while picking a web host, make sure to check for consistency in uptime.

DreamHost Uptime History
DreamHost Average Uptime | See stats

According to the uptime report for the past 12 months (February 2021-January 2022), DreamHost easily exceeded the score of 99%. According to web hosting experts, the ideal score is 99.93%. DreamHost is not so far from that. They are easily surpassing the ideal score for most of the months of a year.

Average Uptime Breakdown for 12 months:

  • January 2022: 99.99%
  • December 2021: 99.95%
  • November 2021: 99.66%
  • October 2021:100%
  • September 2021: 99.89%
  • August 2021: 99.98%
  • July 2021: 100% 
  • June 2021: 99.97%
  • May 2021: 99.28%
  • April 2021: 99.68%
  • March 2021: 99.76%
  • February 2021: 99.97%

DreamHost’s average uptime over the past 12 months is similarly nothing to brag about: 99.84 percent with nearly 14 hours of downtime.

The good news is that DreamHost offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If your monthly average falls below that threshold, you’ll get a credit for the cost of the service, just like other hosts.

The majority of uptime promises we’ve observed are around 99.98 percent. As a result, these hosts are confident in their work and stand behind it. They’re also leaving some wiggle room in case there are any regular variations.

In their Terms of Service, DreamHost, on the other hand, assures 100 percent uptime. Keep in mind that this warranty does not cover scheduled maintenance or user faults.

Any other DreamHost issue that affects your site, database, email, or webmail, on the other hand, will void the warranty. For each hour of service interruption, you’ll earn a free day’s worth of service.

DreamHost Load Speed Test

According to Google’s research data:

As page load time goes from 1s to 3s the probability of bounce increases 32%.

This means that visitors are 32% more likely to quit your site if it takes longer than a second to load.

Furthermore, if you do not optimize your website for mobile users, you will lose visits. This is because Google is now putting a greater emphasis on mobile-first indexing. As a result, a slow website will almost always attract fewer visitors and generate fewer purchases.

DreamHost Response Time Hostory
DreamHost Average Speed | See stats

Unfortunately, DreamHost’s 1490 ms average loading time over the past 12 months hasn’t been good. It places them in the bottom half of the hosts we’ve checked till now.

That’s surprising, because DreamHost used to be able to provide above-average speeds in the past, but their performance has recently deteriorated. Although it’s not the worst yet, It’s still good to go with.

DreamHost Offerings

In addition to hosting packages, DreamHost provides several other services. Depending on their needs and expenditures, various consumers require different sorts of services. Let’s take a look at some of the notable DreamHost offerings.

Web Hosting

Shared hosting is DreamHost’s most popular hosting plan since it helps you get your foot in the door and have your site up and running quickly.

When your site grows, you can change your hosting plan to a VPS or a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting plans are costly, but they provide the best security, storage, bandwidth capacity, and storage.

The hosting plans and their features have already been discussed in earlier sections.

E-commerce Options

ZenCart is a free shopping cart available from DreamHost’s One-Click Install menu. Users can swiftly check out the things you have for sale using this open-source online shopping cart software. Woo Commerce is also supported.

DreamHost offers a $100 Google AdWords credit and the ability to use Chartbeat to track site traffic and analytics. Most other providers, on the other hand, tend to focus solely on Google Analytics.

Security Features

DreamHost provides several security features that are praiseworthy. We’ll go over a few of them here:: –

  • Anti-spam Email Protection: DreamHost provides a secure antispam-protected email service with other website security features.
  • Restricting Spiders: You can block/ restrict search engine spiders from indexing specific areas of your website.
  • Easy-to-link cPanel: An easy-to-find link in the control panel allows you to update the .htaccess file to control site access or create a password.
  • Cron Jobs: Automatic Cron jobs can be used to schedule tasks and monitor site processes.
  •  Free SSL Certificate: Free secure-socket-layer (SSL) certificates help to secure your e-commerce functionality of online sales.
  • Subversion: Subversion is used to manage your source code files. Most web hosting companies set a limit for you to the apps accessible in their software department. Subversion helps set up your repository.
  • Security of Personal & Contact Information: The Proxy Protection feature on DreamHost replaces the contact information of their clients with their own.

Professional Services

DreamHost can assist your company with marketing and branding strategies in addition to hosting services, allowing you to focus on profit activities and running your business. Let’s dive into the professional services, it provides –

Custom Website Design Services:

DreamHost can help you with a beautiful website according to your professional requirements. The designers will build a site from SCRATCH and match your brand and vision. They create a website using WordPress so that you can easily manage them. The service starts at just $1,499.

Marketing Services:
  • SEO Marketing Services: DreamHost SEO Marketing team can help you find more visitors and optimize your website to rank at the top. Their SEO service starts at $399/mo. 
  • SMM Marketing Services: DreamHost’s Social Media Marketing team can help you expand your business influence on social media platforms. This service includes all popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest so on. They will set up your accounts and create engaging content monthly to drive more traffic to your social media pages and website. Their SMM plan starts at just $399/mo.
Website Management Services:

If you want an enterprise-grade website management service, the DreamHost team can assist you. They will handle all technical stuff to ensure the highest performance and reliability of your website.

  • DreamCare management: DreamCare Team is a specialized group of crews for professional website management and monitoring. With over 20 years of experience, they are managing millions of websites successfully. They are prime goal is to keep your website fast, secure, up and running. The service starts at just $59/mo.
  • Site Optimization: Site Optimization service starts at $399. If you want to make your website super fast, you can get help from DreamHost team. They speed up a website and boost the website performance. Eventually, it provides the best experience to the visitors and boosts search engine ranking.
  • Website Transfer: DreamHost website transfer service starts at just $99. If you want to move your site to Dreamhost, their experts can assist you to move your website to a new server and everything without any troubles to your existing users.
  • Site Update: To keep your website and its plugins up to date, you need regular maintenance. DreamHost team can take care of this and help you upgrade your outdated and insecure software. The service starts at just $299.
  • Hacked Site Repair: DreamHost hacked site repair service price starts from $199. It helps repair your hacked site removing malware and fixing broken pages. DreamCare team runs a test to diagnose the problem, repair damaged areas and get your site back up and running as soon as possible.


Web Development Services:

The DreamHost staff is well-versed in a wide range of front-end web development talents. They can handle almost any request you have, from simple visual modifications to improve the look of your site to extensive backend improvements.

  • On-Demand: You can hire web developers on an hourly basis. It’s ideal for a list of particular activities or a one-off job. The rates vary depending on the number of hours: 1 hour is $129, 4 hours is $119, 8 hours is $109, and 12 hours is $99
  • Retainer: The retainer package is perfect for recurring projects and businesses. You get a team of developers to help you regularly. The rates vary depending on the number of hours: 4 hours is $109, 8 hours is $99, and 12 hours is $89

DreamHost: WP Website Builder

The WP website builder is now available on DreamHost, allowing you to get started immediately on your website. It makes the process of setting up a fully functional WordPress site easier. Using DreamHost’s excellent website builder, you can make your site beautiful in a matter of hours.

WP Website Builder comes with dozens of themes that you may customize with its drag-and-drop interface. Adding photographs, text, and video was surprisingly straightforward. You can install third-party software on your accounts such as concrete5, Joomla, MediaWiki, Piwigo, and WordPress.

DreamHost: cPanel Interface

DreamHost cPanel Interface

DreamHost employs a custom-built Web panel instead of the industry-standard cPanel. For cPanel lovers, it may appear to be a disadvantage rather than a benefit.

Many customers become confused with the web panel. The web panel became extremely complicated and detailed as a result of the extensive control. Literally, they often get lost in the control panel at times.

Although, the control panel is a bit complex, databases, emails, billing, and websites can all be managed from this location. The WordPress editor is also just a few clicks away.

The good thing is that the DreamHost panel runs on several separated servers. It doesn’t take up any resources on your web server.

To get the full guide about how DreamHost’s cPanel works, check their knowledge-based page from here.

WordPress Site Migration

DreamHost did not offer free site relocation until recently. However, their WordPress and shared hosting plans now include a free site migration option. There will be no downtime as a result of the relocation.

Free migration is only available for WordPress sites. You’ll still have to pay a $99.00 one-time fee if you use another CMS (Wix, Weebly, etc.).

DreamHost Customer Support

DreamHost provides three types of assistance – email, ticket-based, and online chat support. Besides, It also provides a large knowledge database.

The chat support is satisfactory. You only need to wait a minute to get chat support at ease. You don’t have to wait too long. The unfortunate thing is DreamHost does not provide phone support like many of its competitors.

To be honest, many customers are happy with their customer support. On the otherhand, many of them have nightmare customer services. It happens with any hosting services.

So in short, the support options are: –

  • Live Chat
  • Ticket based support
  • Monthly callback service (paid option)
  • Forum help.
  • Support via Twitter
  • For those that require WordPress expertise, many members of the team are WordPress specialists.

DreamHost: Refund Policy

The success of DreamHost is heavily reliant on client satisfaction.  They believe they provide excellent service at a reasonable cost, and the vast majority of their clients appear to agree.

However, it is always possible that someone will be dissatisfied with the service they receive or could change their mind about hosting entirely.

With this in mind, they offer the customers a 97-day money-back guarantee. If you want to cancel your account within the first 97 days for whatever reason, you can do so by going to Billing > Manage Account and clicking the “close account” link! This will close your account and refund your entire payment (with some exceptions: see below).

Please, keep in mind that while hosting is assured, domain registration is not, and they will not refund those expenses. Also, any changes to existing accounts (add-ons, disk space/bandwidth overage, etc.) are not covered by the guarantee; only plans and add-ons purchased by new users are.

Do we recommend DreamHost?

Yes! We do.

DreamHost is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a low-cost web hosting solution without sacrificing too much quality. Its shared hosting service is up there with the best on the market, both for WordPress and in general.

Although DreamHost’s uptime and speed have declined over the last year, they have previously delivered consistent results, leading us to believe that the current bad performance is merely a blip on the radar.

Furthermore, you can try out DreamHost’s services for a full 97 days, and there’s a 100% uptime guarantee, so you should feel even more confident in trying them out.


You might be thinking if DreamHost is the perfect choice for your website after reading this review.

DreamHost’s advantages exceed its disadvantages, and I believe it is worth investigating for website transformation and growth.

There’s something for everyone with diverse tastes, thanks to outstanding pricing packages and product choices like WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting.

DreamHost is a fantastic web hosting service for most website owners searching for good speed and quick adaption at a low cost.


If you’re a non-profit organization, DreamHost provides completely free shared hosting. Non-profit organizations can also get additional discounts on their VPS hosting options. Unfortunately for the rest of you, the cheapest fee is $2.59 per month!

DreamHost is the finest shared hosting provider based on the experts’ recommendations. It includes all of the features you need at the lowest non-discounted costs of any top-rated service. WordPress hosting is also great with one-click installs and automated WordPress software updates.

The finest overall hosting provider is Bluehost. Bluehost is an excellent choice for WordPress hosting since it offers great value for money while also giving reliable help and support. Other top providers are HostGator and InMotion. HostGator offers powerful dedicated hosting, whereas InMotion specializes in shared and VPS hosting.

Through your panel, DreamHost accepts the following payment methods: PayPal, Credit/Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club), Checking Account, Check or Money Order, and Gift Certificate.

The DreamHost’s nameservers are the following:  ns1.dreamhost.com ( ns2.dreamhost.com ( ns3.dreamhost.com (

DreamHost provides custom WordPress hosting through their managed platform, which is designed specifically for hosting WordPress websites. DreamPress was created with WordPress webpages and blogs in mind.

DreamHost provides decent services in any region of the world. You can use it from anywhere. But If your audience doesn’t come from North America, it’s probably not the best choice. WP Engine, SiteGround, or A2 Hosting could be a better fit. 


Here are a few solutions to several problems. I have talked to their customer support staff regarding several negative reviews.

Problem – 01: CPU Outage Problem at Dreamhost!

Solution: Shared hosting services are notorious for CPU outages. But this happens for many reasons like plugins issues, bot attacks, misconfiguration, and so on. You can check about them here. So, don’t just think DreamHost is the only reason behind it.

Problem – 02: Customer support problem!
Solution: DreamHost support is good. People have both negative and positive reactions regarding this. They have some excellent technical and WordPress support employees. For Refund issues, you can review the scope of their customer support from here. Their chat support is superior to their phone support. 

I talked to their support team member named Kenneth. He was an awesome guy and I am very satisfied with his support.

Problem – 03: Downtime problem at DreamHost!
Solution:  DreamHost provides compensation for downtime problems to its customers. Downtime issues are temporary. Check their terms before buying DreamHost hosting.

I asked them about 100% uptime guarantee. Unfortunately, they don’t have any specific link or article on how 100% uptime works.

DreamHost has system administrator who manages, monitors and backs up all of their hosting servers. Thus, they make sure that there will be no downtime. Compensation is on a case-to-case basis.

Problem – 04: Some customers say they face a slower response time. We asked about this problem to DreamHost. I asked – “What is the reason behind the slow speed problem?”
Solution: According to our test report, the DreamHost server is very slow. The avg. response time is 1490ms. 

When I asked about this issue, they said me: – 

“It depends on what kind of website you want to host with DreamHost. For example, if you host an e-commerce website on a shared hosting package, it would undoubtedly operate slowly online.

We recommend hosting an e-commerce website under our VPS plans.

Some of the online reviews are web applicated related, or they would need to upgrade the plan because they need more resources.”

Problem – 05: In a negative review, I read –“Dreamhost doesn’t send invoices for payment?”
Solution: Every hosting company has an invoice system. DreamHost sends invoices regularly too. Customers get an email notification to their email address on file. 

Furthermore, if your hosting account is about to expire, they grant a grace period of 30-60 days from the expiration date before suspending the customers’ server. So, customers will have plenty of time to clear their bills.

Problem – 06: Are you concerned about DreamHost’s server crashing issue?”
Solution: The problem happens when the server resource limit exceeds. This problem happens mostly with shared hosting plans. 

Unfortunately, both shared starter and shared unlimited have a maximum limit of 500MB size of RAM. 

On shared hosting plans, they don’t reveal the memory limit of RAM. So, the shared hosting plan is good for simple blogging or lightweight website. If you want to have an e-commerce website or heavy traffic website, you better upgrade the plan.

Note that DreamPress hosting offers a 2GB size of RAM which is enough for a high traffic website.

Problem – 07: A customer claimed that DreamHost doesn’t allow 3rd-party SSL on their server?”
Solution: SSL is free on all of their hosting plans. You can still host a third-party SSL certificate on DreamHost servers. They have a guide about 3rd-party SSL installation to their server.

Problem – 08: Does DreamHost provide unlimited disk space to any plan? or is there any limit or condition with this?”
Solution: Unlimited space is only for a shared unlimited hosting plan. You must consider checking their Unlimited Policy and General Acceptable Use Policy.

Problem – 09: Slow Email Server Problem?
Solution: The problem with email servers is not so common. Again, there are other reasons why it may happen. DreamHost has a guide to resolve this issue. Check that from here.

If your email serve is down, contact DreamHost using Live chat. They will help you with a solution. But it indeed happened in the past several times.

Problem – 10: Shared hosting doesn’t support WooCommerce!?
Solution: Woocommerce requires heavy resources. Shared hosting plans only support 500MB of RAM. So, it’s common to get errors in database connection because of resource limit is exceeded. If you think of having a WooCommerce website, consider choosing VPS, Cloud, or DreamPress plan.

Problem – 11: DreamHost charges for closing an Account!
Solution: This is not true at all. DreamHost doesn’t charge for account closure. If you have any due payment, you must pay that first to close your account. Check the account closure issues from here.

Problem – 12: DreamHost Account Not approved or Cancelled issues!
Solution: New accounts are frequently automatically accepted. If there are payment concerns, however, an account may be held for human review, and you may be required to supply extra account verification information. Besides, DreamHost cancels or suspends an account when they find any violation of their rules and regulations. Check The following pages to know about the issue –



What is your opinion about DreamHost? 

Are you a satisfied (or unsatisfied) DreamHost customer? Please leave a review below!

We will love to hear your opinion. 


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