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Paperfly Courier Service Review 2022 – A Fraud Courier Company

Nowadays online business has become extremely popular. Along with online business, the demand for courier services is also increasing. At present there are many courier service companies in Bangladesh. Such as – REDX, Paperfly Courier, Sundarbans Courier etc.

In this Paperfly Courier Review article I will share some real experiences with evidence about Paperfly Courier which I believe will unmask them. I hope you will take the time to read with a little patience.

About Me –

I am RS Totul, a small entrepreneur. I sell T-shirts at the Daraz marketplace. At that time, my business name was QP Products, now known as Fabrilure Fashion. Since I started a new business, I didn’t have much idea about courier Service

I became curious about couriers because I had plans to do business out of Daraz. I have visited many courier offices and contacted them to know about various issues including service charges. I used to write everything in the notebook such as package fee, courier charge, and so on.

Anyway, I also get some T-shirt orders from local customers. One of them was an order from a customer in Mymensingh Michakipara. Since there were Independence Day T-shirts, it was important to send them by the 25th. In such a situation, a courier service was needed to deliver the goods quickly.

Fabrilure T shirt order

How I knew about Paperfly Courier Service:

The buyer informed me that Paperfly was very active in their area. This was my first knowledge of Paperfly. I quickly found their office. Their office was at Chashara Jamtala in Narayanganj. Since I live in Narayanganj, I had to go there.

I generated orders in Paperfly Courier Apps:

I went there and contacted them. They let me download the apps and set them up themselves. In fact, their behavior was very good. Area Supervisor Shuvo Bhai told me everything at the beginning. Orders have to be generated after installing the apps.

Some information has to be given while generating the order. The most important of these fields are –

  • Product name
  • Product type
  • Product number
  • COD amount etc.

I did everything according to their word. There was not a single option that I could fill up as I wished. Whenever I went to fill out the Product Quantity field, I asked again and again about this. I asked “is this field about how many T-shirts are there in it, or the amount of the package?

No matter how many T-shirts you have inside, delivering in one package means it will charge for one package according to the weight and distance, right? There were 8 T-shirts inside but the package was one. Besides, only one order was created on the app according to their instruction.

However, according to their words in the Product Quantity field, I wrote 8. Although I kept telling them the package is one, isn’t it supposed to be 1 here? They say they want product quantity here. Not the package quantity. So I did everything according to their words and generated the order. The number of the order I generate is – S-230322-10258-B3-F1, order date – Mar 23, 2022, 06:37 pm.

Shuvo Bhai, the supervisor of Paperfly Jamtala Hub, behaved very well. Honestly, I was very satisfied. Since there are 8 T-shirts and the weight was between 0.5-1 kg, the delivery charge was 90-120tk. I also bought a paper fly package from them so that the T-shirts would not get damaged and I packed it and submitted the goods to be sent to my customer’s address.

Currently, you can contact Shubh Bhai, Supervisor, Narayanganj Jamtala Hub. I believe he has tried hard enough for me to resolve the matter.

The origin of the problem is where it started:

All in all, I was optimistic that everything would work out. The goods arrived on the 28th. When I saw the update on their apps on the 28th, all hopes were dashed. There, instead of charging for a shipment of a package, a shipping charge of 8 packages had been deducted. Where shipping charge is 90 + 14 = 104 taka or 120 + 14 = 134. There they took delivery charges of 960 + 14 = 964 Taka. How? 8 X 120 = 960 + 14 = 964. How strange! Isn’t it?

Invoice 06-June-2022 (ডাউনলোড তারিখ)

As you can see in the picture above, the rest of the money has not been paid yet. They did not pay the remaining 426 taka. But today is June 6, 2022. About two months.

I called Paper Fly Customer Support to solve the problem:

However, I checked it and immediately called their helpline. Their customer service department said they would fix it. Thus a few days passed. A week later I contacted again. . They have a memorized dialogue. And that is –

We have reported the matter to the authorities. We hope to contact you soon. You will get your money. Don’t worry. “

After contacting the supervisor, I emailed Paperfly:

To solve this problem, I contacted Shuvo Bhai, the supervisor of Narayanganj hub. By contacting him, I came to know that it would be fine to contact paper fly using their official email address. I emailed them as he said.

Email to Paperfly

Then they answered me. Asked how many kgs I input. I said maybe 0.5. Honestly, Shubh Bhai told me to give 0.5. Because the weight of the t-shirts will be the same as half a kg. 0.5 kg can be given even if it is a little more. If you do not get too close to one kg. Since I was brand new, I did everything I was told.

Second email to paperfly

After that five days passed. In five days I contacted their helpline and supervisor Shubh Bhai several times. But no results. There was no reply even from their email. Then I sent another email.

Email to paperfly again

No reply to this email. Since then I have spoken twice to the customer helpline. I heard the answer memorized just before. Then I contacted Shubh Bhai. He assured that he would also email. After 2 days I went to Narayanganj hub and went there and shared the screenshot of Shubh Bhai’s WhatsApp with the invoice and order details. He sent me an email in front of me and at the same time asked me to send an email mentioning his name. I did it right away while I was there.

No answer to this has ever come. It’s been almost 2 months since I sent this email.

All attempts have failed –

Since then there has been no record of how many times I have contacted their helpline about this issue. I think I spent hundreds of rupees talking to their helpline to save 1400 rupees. And I don’t know the exact number of times I’ve knocked on their supervisor. I am not angry with Shubh Bhai. Maybe he is just a worker there. That’s all.
I don’t know how much he tried. I have talked to him a few times on WhatsApp. I have also texted many times. But my misfortune. Even today no solution has been found.

Finally, I sent him a message saying, I will share my experience with people all over the world. This blog article is just a small highlight. Work is also underway on a YouTube video.

How many times have I texted him, I have given you a short history below.

I don’t even know how many times I have talked on my mobile phone except for messages.

There is nothing in common with their words. I don’t know the exact amount of money that customers like me have lost. However, if you go to their Play Store apps, you can understand how big of a fraud company they are.

Below I have highlighted some of the reviews or opinions of people who have suffered like me.

What I learned in my bitter experience about Paperfly –

It’s been 2 months already. As I write this, I learn a lot more about Paperfly. From the opinions of other customers and from my experience, the things I have learned or understood about Paperfly Courier Service are –

  • Paperfly is a licensed fraud company.
  • Their management team may be thieves or dishonest because they do not want to solve any problem properly.
  • Customer service is awful. They express memorized dialogues every time.
  • Paperfly is not suitable for COD (Cash On Delivery Service).
  • Paperfly courier apps are not good. The load takes longer. Unusually the apps get crashed.
  • There is no similarity between their words and deeds.

After all, we live in a country prone to corruption, where no major corruption is visible. How can such petty thefts or corruption be seen there? If there was justice in Bangladesh today, victims like me would surely get the right solution.

I never want anyone like me to suffer like this. I am happy to share this post. My efforts are successful if anyone can save him/her from this fraud and unreliable courier service. I lost 1300+ taka. No one should lose any money using this fraud courier service company. If we all protest together, maybe one day we will get the solution.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. If you can, encourage me by making a comment. I will be grateful to you.

What is your opinion about Paperfly Courier?? 

Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with using Paperfly? Please leave a comment about Paperfly below!!

I want to hear your opinion.


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Paperfly has a record of defalcate both money and goods. Think before you use their service.

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