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ReviewsJingle is a free resource site for readers of different types. Whether you are a CMS or web platforms (like WordPress, Wix, Shopify) user or a business owner, you will get the most comprehensive and helpful resources from our website.


You may not have a significant budget or, maybe you are looking for the perfect tools/ services/ products to buy that you are looking for here and there. We write about those tools/ products/ services and help you decide about the best one that fits your need.


ReviewsJingle was founded in 2021 with one objective in mind: To help readers with reliable information that will give them the solutions to their problems. Our mission is to assist small businesses and readers with the best things within their budgets and time.

What Is the Source of ourFunding?

We’ve always been firm believers in being open and honest with our readers. That is, in our opinion, the only way to create a community.


Running a website like ReviewsJingle, which assists thousands of people each month, requires a considerable financial commitment. Both in terms of server infrastructure and in terms of content development.


We are looking for funding for creating a team of writers who can help you with the right information week after week. For this, we need your help.


So, we need to make money or else we’ll have to shut down the site. The main sources of funding for ReviewsJingle are listed below.

Referral Fees

When you buy services from companies we recommend, we get paid a referral fee.


We only recommend things that we think our readers will find useful. All of the products/services we propose have been thoroughly tested and used. We do not accept paid-for positive ratings, and all of our opinions are our own.


Affiliate marketing is the name for this technique of revenue. Amazon, eBay, Google, and other major internet brands have affiliate programs. Many of your favorite websites rely on affiliate marketing to make ends meet.


The only difference is that not everyone discloses how they generate money for their customers.


You could notice banner adverts like this on occasion:


Other times, you’ll notice a separate link that’s specific to each website and tracks referrals, such as:


When you click on these links, a special cookie is placed on your computer to track the referral. If you purchase the goods, they will give us a commission.


Referral fees differ depending on the products or services. We may receive $20 if you purchase a premium hosting plan from Bluehost. Again, we may get $10 for a premium WordPress theme.

Will it cost you any extra money if you buy using our links?

The answer is, “NO.” In most cases, our offers will save you money. Many companies provide us with exclusive discounts as we are their affiliate partners.


For example, hosting from Dreamhost through our referral link will save you money. You will get a 63% discount for the first three months.


More lucrative deals are available in our Deals section. Make sure to check from here.

Do We Have Access to Your Personal Information if you buy using our links?

No. We don’t have any access to personal details, such as a person’s name, email address, mailing address, or credit card number.


The only information we have is that an anonymous person made a transaction on a specific day and time, as well as the product they purchased.

What can you do to assist us?

Running  a site like ReviewsJingle necessitates a significant financial investment. 


We are trying to create a paid team of programmers, writers, and editors working for us. That is why we require your assistance.

Here are a few ways you can assist us:

  • Our featured WordPress plugins are available for purchase. If you’re considering purchasing a product, please, do it through our referral links.
  • If you use a product that we recommend, please leave a review in the comments so that others can benefit.
  • Share our articles/ tutorials/ guides with your friends and family on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

Why should you help us?

Many websites share misinformation about a product/service to earn commission via referral links. Again, some so-called “experts” charge thousands of dollars for training and tutorial classes. In both cases, we help you with everything for free.


YES, we too earn through referral links. But we don’t spread wrong information. We analyze products, check from several trusted sources, and write reviews with accurate information.


We value our readers and give priority to their needs first. Because our goal at ReviewsJingle is to provide valuable information and training materials to our readers. Thus, they can benefit themselves with valuable learnings and materials.


Thank you for your support.


Rabius Sany Totul
Founder of ReviewsJingle

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