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How To Score 100% On GTMetrix Page Speed Optimization Tool (Step-by-Step Speed Optimization Guide)

How To Score 100% On GTMetrix?
Is there any step-by-step WP speed optimization guide for achieving that score?

Today I am going to help you with the step-by-step guide to achieving a 100% score on GTMetrix. 

Carbon60 developed GTmetrix as a tool for customers to quickly test the performance of their websites. It’s a website performance analytics tool developed by GT.net, a company best recognized in the digital world for the Pingdom speed monitoring tool. The main goal of GTMetrix’s is to analyze your website’s performance and give you actionable recommendations for improving it.

Enter your domain name into GTMetrix’s search bar to get started. Then sit back and wait for them to execute their job. You’ll get a performance report with a top-level page speed score, loading time, and overall page size after a short analysis period. You’ll get a breakdown of a few page performance ideas for how we may improve. The top-level KPIs are useful for analyzing trends, but let’s dig a little deeper to learn how to optimize our website.

Getting a 100% score isn’t necessary, and it may be impossible for some sites, but it is achievable. You’re doing a pretty good job if you’re obtaining scores of 85% or higher. Below, I’ll outline the tools/services that I used to achieve this 100-point score so that you can enhance your website and receive favorable feedback as well. So, don’t get too obsessed to get 100% score. Just focus on the recommendations that are crucial for your WordPress website Speed Optimization.

In this article, I will firstly explain how do I score 95-100% for any website. After that I will leave several recommendations that you will consider for your website. So, let’s dive into it.

How To Score 100% On GTMetrix (Step-by-Step Speed Optimization Guide)

Step - 1: Choosing a top-rated hosting platform for your website

Always go with a top-rated or reliable hosting service provider. I recommend using web hosting providers like Siteground, BlueHost, Dreamhost, and Namecheap, etc. If you are searching for a cheaper alternative, go with Mochahost (It works fine for me). 

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Mostly, if you have a great goal to achieve through your website, I will recommend taking hosting from Kinsta Wp Plan. It provides better services than other famous Webhost like Bluehost. Besides, their customer service is reliable as well.

Kinsta’s plan is reliable considering all the factors such as speed, uptime, and response time. Make sure to check their plans if you are serious and ready to spend a little bit more for high-quality services.

Siteground came out on top in a poll of over 6500 users for WordPress hosting at the end of the year for 2019.
Things to consider: -

Step - 2: Choose a lightweight WordPress Theme

Make sure that you are choosing a lightweight theme. You can use Themes like Neve theme, Astra Theme (Premium but Best option), Hello Elementor, and many more. 

 I always love to go with Neve Theme as it’s works perfect for me for a simple website. GTMetix shows too many http requests and server loading time when you use any complex and incompatible Theme.

On the other hand, I am a big fan of Astra Theme. They are faster than any other theme in the WordPress platform. Chris Lema tested over 50 themes for WooCommerce at Liquid Web considering two main factors – performance and price. Astra won over everyone. For your business expansion and success, you can buy Astra Theme.

Things to consider: -

Step - 3: Choose a lightweight WordPress Webpage Builder

Make sure you are using a lightweight Page builder like WP-Bakery or WordPress default page builder. Generatepress and Elementor are also popular. If you want to go with Elementor, try to use Pro Version. I love to use Elementor. Elementor is not the best choice if you don’t want to compromise the speed issue. But you can still optimize speed with Elementor too. 

I personally don’t like to use any add-ons with elementor as it makes the site slow. You will always see DOM size related issues in GTmetrix report related to Elementor or it’s add-ons.

Things to consider: -

Step - 4: Compress your images using popular online tools

If your website has high-resolution images, you will face more loading speed. Always try to keep your image quality sustainable, but they need to be lightweight as well. You can use image compression tools like Shortpixel and Optimus. 

The Shortpixel “Lossy” Compression reduces the image size significantly, but it is also quite aggressive. If the image quality is not essential for you, go with that option. Use the “Glossy” compression level if the quality is something you care. Note that you can do this using both manual and automatic efforts. I don’t like the automated compression using WP plugins as it often breaks the image quality.  As a result you have to do everything manually again. 

So, I recommend that you compress your images first and then upload to your pages one by one. The good thing about GTmetix is that it shows you the potential saving opportunities.

Things to consider: -

Step - 5: Implement a CDN

CDN stores your data on servers located all over the world. No matter where the visitors accessing your site, they will receive data from the server that is nearest to them. To make your site faster, you have no alternative of CDN. You can use both free and paid CDN services. Cloudflare CDN is popular that provides both free and Pro plan. 

Recommended: 17 Free CDN Services For WordPress + Paid Options [Reviewed]

Things to consider: -

Step - 6: Utilize WP Rocket or similar plugins

WP Rocket is, undoubtedly, one of the best speed plugins available. It has the quickest setup process, and I’ve had the fewest problems with it compared to everything else I’ve tested. It includes critical path CSS generation, CSS/js combining and minification, lazy-loading, caching, pre-loading, database optimization, and more, all in one user-friendly interface. You can also use WP-Rockets CDN integration add-on that should make your site faster.

WP-Rocket is a Pro plugin. There are some similar free plugins that work as alternatives of WP Rocket. W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache and WP Fastest Cache are noticeable.

Things to consider: -

Step - 7: Google Analytics and Google Fonts Optimization

Use plugins to load Google analytics and google fonts locally. You can use “Complete Analytics Optimization Suite” for Google analytic. Just Set your Google Analytics Tracking ID to load asynchronously, and if you’re using a CDN, specify your CDN URL. For Google font, use “Optimize My Google Fonts plugin.  

Things to consider: -

Step - 8: Database Optimization and Clean-Up

Things like spam, trashed items, comments, post revisions, expired transients, pingbacks, trackbacks, and more are responsible for making your database bloated. It eventually slows down your site. Use plugins like “WP Optimize” to keep your database optimized.

When your database is loaded with craps, it shows up on GTmetrix tools. It helps us with different customized solutions.

Step - 9: Get Experts Help

If you don’t have time to optimize your site for loading speed, you should get the help of an expert. We, at Smartestlancer, can help you achieve the maximum speed score on GTMextric. We can make your site faster and easy to navigate. Contact us for this.

What are the recommendations to score 100% on GTMetrix for your WordPress site?

The above steps are unavoidable if you want to score perfectly on GTmetix or other page speed performance analytic tools. I have included both free and paid alternatives of plugins/tools that you can use for your WordPress website. Make sure to check this out. Let’s give you some recommendations and tips that may help you!

Common Questions & Answers about GTMetrix Speed Optimization tool

Why GTMetrix is important for your website?

One of the best free tools for obtaining extensive statistics on website performance is GTmetrix. It uses Google Page Speed and YSlow recommendations to assess the website’s speed. GTmetrix verifies that the front-end of the entire site adheres to the best practices.

How reliable is GTmetrix?

If you require insights and a thorough analysis of your website’s performance and what you can do about it, GTmetrix is a great tool to use that you can trust. Google PageSpeed provides extra tools to help you get good results. But I prefer GTMetix at the beginning stage as it gives you more organized data/ reports about your website performances.

It separates the top issues and informs you about the problem related to your website performance and structure. Always check the audit section to figure out the possible solutions.

What is GTMetrix Score / Grade?

The GTmetrix Grade is a comprehensive evaluation of your visitors’ page load experience, including both the website structure’s quality and its actual performance. GTmetrix score is a weighted average of the two new percentage-based scores: The Performance score (70%) and The Structure Score (30%)

How to use GTMetrix?

GTmetrix is simple to use; all you have to do is type in the URL you want to test, and you’re ready to go! However, you may want to update the test’s configuration first. For that, sign up and select Analysis Options from the drop-down menu underneath the Analyze button.

What is the total page size in GTMetrix?

On average, each site receives 90 requests for resources. The average Total Page Size was 1.2MB, which was large enough to fit on a floppy drive!

What is YSlow grade?

A high PageSpeed/YSlow score helps the browser in rendering elements more quickly. These are the elements that a browser employs to build and renders a page. A high PageSpeed/YSlow score indicates that your page is optimized to render as quickly as possible in the browser.

How to improve GTmetrix score of your website?

Do the following tasks to improve your GTMetix Score: –

  • Images Optimization
  • Optimize Your CSS
  • Minification of JS, CSS and HTML
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • Minimize HTTP Requests
  • Enabling GZIP Compression
  • Utilize CDN/ Content Delivery Network
  • Analyze Your Web Performance regularly

How to improve my YSlow grade?

Do the following tasks to improve your YSlow grade: –

  • Make fewer HTTP requests (recommended)
  • Use CDN
  • Avoid empty Src or href
  • Utilize expires headers
  • use Gzip Compression
  • Put CSS at top
  • Put JavaScript at bottom.
  • Avoid CSS expressions.

What is TBT GTmetrix?

Total Blocking Time (TBT) is a Lighthouse Performance indicator that measures your page’s load responsiveness to user input. It was introduced in 2020 by Carbon60. TBT, in its most basic form, calculates the total amount of time your webpage was blocked, prohibiting users from interacting with it.

What is Onload Time (fully loaded time) GTmetrix?

Onload Time refers to the time when the page’s processing is complete and all of the page’s resources (images, CSS, and so on) have finished downloading. That is the point where GTmetrix stops the test and marks as the Page Load Time in the GTmetrix report.

Rabius Sany is the founder of "Smartestlancer Digital and e-commerce marketing Agency." He is a dedicated WordPress Designer, SEO manager, Affiliate Marketer, Content writer, and e-commerce Marketer. He is passionate about blogging and helping people.
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